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Michael Funk

California Department of Education
Director, Expanded Learning Division
California Department of Education
Michael Funk is the Director of the Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) and the Co-Lead of the California System of Support with Dr. Stephanie Gregson, Deputy Superintendent for the California Department of Education (CDE) in partnership with the California Collaborative for Education Excellence and the State Board of Education. Michael was appointed to the EXLD role in 2012 by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. Under Michael’s direction, the EXLD, in collaboration with a highly diverse group of educators, practitioners and providers, developed “A Vision for Expanded Learning in California, Strategic Plan: 2014 – 2016”, published in January 2014, which laid out a strong roadmap to guide the work of the EXLD and the Expanded Learning statewide ecosystem. The plan was implemented successfully. Michael then led the second iteration, “A Vision for Expanded Learning in California, Strategic Plan 2.0: 2019 – 2023”, published in January 2019, to sustain California’s momentum and innovative path to support quality expanded learning programs across the State.